Case Studies

"The most valuable thing I've got from working with ActionCOACH is the processes involved and really kind of getting clarity on each of the steps in the business." - Emma Walker, Managing Director of EW Estates.

"The only regret that I have is that I didn't do this 3 years ago because, I feel like I now understand my business and where to invest my time and efforts." - Mark Lowrie, Managing Director of Twentysix Recruitment.

"A year ago when my Action Coach was saying let's aim for £120k turnover, I remember saying that's just not possible, it's not going to happen and now we're not even halfway through the year and we've exceeded that." - Joe Gilbert, Managing Director of…

"I feel much more confident about our business, our products, our services and our future." - Inga Kopola, Managing Director of Amberth Interiors

"There's been an increase of spending more family time. Weekends away have not been so stressful now because we know that work finishes on a Friday, we don't pick up again till Monday now." - Stuart Davis, Managing Director of Abbey Roofing.

"ActionCOACH focuses you and gives you goals to work towards so having a coach is definitely a good option." - Tegan Rowett, Mangaging Director of Tegen Accessories.