Finding focus in business can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, it is possible. Before we talk about tactics, ensure you have clearly defined your business’s mission and goals. This will undoubtedly help you remain focused on the tasks that will help you reach those goals. Break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces, as this will help you stay on track and avoid getting overwhelmed. With these strategies, you can find the focus you need to succeed in business.

Take breaks throughout the day to recharge and maintain focus

We need to recharge in order to maintain focus. A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds. What does this tell us? We 100% need to take regular breaks to avoid burnout, overwhelm and reduce the risks of perhaps making mistakes or a wrong judgement call. When you take a break try to get away from screens and take time to do something that helps you relax, like going for a walk, stretching, or meditating. You can also use these breaks to do something creative, like drawing, or writing.


Utilize the latest technology to help stay organized and on track

There are a number of apps and programs out there that can help you manage your time, keep track of tasks, and stay organised. For example, tools like Trello, Asana, and Wunderlist are great for project management and task tracking. Google Calendar is also a great way to keep track of events, meetings, and deadlines. Additionally, there are productivity tools like Momentum, which help you focus and stay on task. Utilising these tools can help you stay organised within business and personal life, they often feed into each other!


Set up a distraction-free workspace and limit noise and other distractions

To create a distraction-free workspace,  start by removing any items from your desk that are not related to the task at hand. Organise your workspace to reduce clutter. To limit noise and other distractions, use noise-canceling headphones, turn off the TV, and close the door. You can also set yourself a timer to help you stay focused. Finally, try to limit communication with others to help keep you on track.


Schedule regular check-ins with yourself to review progress and stay on track

Scheduling regular check-ins with yourself is a great way to review business progress and ensure that you stay on track and reach your goals. Set aside time each week and be specific, 10am on thursday, add it to your calendar like you would with a client appointment for example.  You can use this time to set and review short and long-term goals, brainstorm new ideas, and assess how you are feeling. These check-ins will help to keep you motivated and help you stay organised and focused.